Welcome to HUNTER 

An ode to Africa and my childhood. Warm days spent in the bush, following wild animals and exploring isolated places. The symphony of sounds in the still of the night, under a blanket of stars, shielded with just canvas.


As a writer, articulating emotions and describing places comes naturally to me, yet if you ask me about Africa, I will say it is a feeling. This idea of 'feeling' a place inspired me to write with the sole purpose of transporting a reader to a new destination or a distant shore—even momentarily—to inspire a true sense of place.

Creating a brand that allows me to be in two places at once, even imaginatively, is a luxury; however, in 2020, I realised how vital escapism is—escapism from your day-to-day, from mundane routines, even bad weather.

Hunter and I Journal is a dream that's played on my heart for years, a leap into a world where getting lost in words is now my reality, and connecting with passionate people and sparking a fire within, is a day well spent. There are countless stories to tell and voices to capture; Hunter and I Journal is a tool to document, scribe, and connect, bringing the wonder of the world to readers.

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